30AWG 10G SFP+ Passive Direct Attach Copper Twinax Cable DAC 1M SFP+ to SFP+ DAC


SPF+ Max. Power Consumption 0.1W
Tested in Targeted Switches for Superior Performance, Quality, and Reliability
Minimum Bend Radius 23mm for Flexible Routing
Simplifies the Patching and Offers a Cost-effective Way for Short Links


Foclink high speed SFP+ Direct Attach Cable (DAC) provides high performance in 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) network applications, using an enhanced SFP+ connector to send 10Gbps data through one paired transmitters and receivers over a thin twinax cable. They are compliant with electrical standards SFF-8431, SFF-8083 and mechanical standard SFF-8432, EEPROM standard SFF-8472.