FS-60E High Quality Fusion Splicer Welding Splicing Machine


Rack mount ODF is usually modularity in design with firm structure. It can be installed on the rack with more flexibility according to the fiber optic cable counts and specifications. This kind of optical distribution system is more convenient and can provide more possibilities to the future variations. Most of the rack mount ODF is 19”, which ensures that they can be perfectly installed on to the commonly used standard transmission rack.


FS-60E Welding Splicing Machine Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer


1, Chinese / English dual language switching.

2, free of disassembly three-in-one universal fixture (tail fiber, bare fiber, leather).

3, core alignment, 7-9 seconds welding, 18-26 seconds heating (heating time can be set, heating temperature can be adjusted).

1. The welding machine host *1

2. The fusion splicer battery *1

3. high precision fiber cutting knife *1

4.strip opener *1

5.CFS-3 three stripping pliers *1

6.fixed length line*1

7. Charging adapter *1

8. National standard power cord *1

9. Welding machine hand strap *1

10.empty alcohol bottle *1

11. Blowing a balloon *1

12. brush *1

13. clamp *1

14. Small stool *1

15. Product Certification Card *1

16. Chinese and English manual *1

fusion splicer FS60E (8)
fusion splicer FS60E (23)

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