6 12 24 48 96 144 Optic Fiber Core Loose Tube Outdoor Fibra Adss Fiber Optical cable

Adss Fiber Optical cable Can be installed without turning off the power
Light weight and small diameter reduce loads due to ice and wind and loads to towers and reverse struts
Good tensile strength and temperature properties
Lifespan is 30 years

Price unit:per meter


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All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Fiber Cable (ADSS) has the characteristics of non-metallic, high tensile strength, self-supporting, high insulation, non-inductive, small diameter, lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective. It is a composite optical cable that wraps optical fibers around a central strength member and protects them with insulation, waterproofing, reinforcement, and sheathing.
Features: All-dielectric, non-metallic, non-conductive; small cable diameter, high tensile strength ratio; low linear expansion coefficient, wide temperature range.

All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Fiber Cable (ADSS) provides a fast and cost-effective transmission channel in power communication systems due to its unique structure, good insulation, high temperature resistance, and high tensile strength. Generally speaking, ADSS cables are often cheaper and easier to install than Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire (OPGW) in many applications. It is advisable to deploy ADSS cables using power line routes or nearby pole towers, and in some cases, it is necessary to use ADSS cables. The main applications of

 ADSS cables main purpose:
(1) Using them as incoming and outgoing cables for relay stations in OPGW systems. Due to their safety attributes, they can effectively address power isolation issues during the introduction and extraction of relay stations.
(2) Using them as transmission cables for fiber optic communication systems in high-voltage (110kV-220kV) power grids. It is particularly convenient for many places to utilize ADSS cables when upgrading existing communication lines.
(3) Implementing them in fiber optic communication systems for 6kV to 35kV to 180kV distribution networks.

6 12 24 48 96 144 Optic Fiber Core Loose Tube Outdoor Fibra Adss Fiber Optical cable
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