Cshf 16-port XGS-PON and GPON Combo OLT interface board cshf Xgspon

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CSHF Service Board is a 16-port XGS-PON and GPON Combo OLT interface board. This board is used in MA5800 ,EA5800 Series OLT Equipment and works together with optical network unit to offer XGS-PON and GPON access services.
Huawei SmartAX EA5800 series OLT products include four models: EA5800-X17, EA5800-X15, EA5800-X7, and EA5800-X2.
They support GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, GE, 10GE and other interfaces.
MA5800 series include three sizes of large, medium and small, namely MA5800-X17, MA5800-X7 and MA5800-X2, and support multiple networking applications such as FTTB/FTTC/FTTD/FTTH/D-CCAP.
MA5800 multi-service access equipment is a 4K/8K/VR Ready OLT in the gigabit ultra-broadband era. It adopts a distributed architecture and supports a common platform of PON/10G PON/GE/10GE. MA5800 supports multi-media Gigabit convergence, best 4K/8K/VR video experience, multi-service virtualization common platform, and 50G PON smooth evolution.


* Support defense against system DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
* Support MAC address filtering function.
* Support defense against ICMP/IP packet attacks.
* Support source address routing filtering function.
* Support blacklist function.
* Support DHCP option82 to enhance the security of DHCP.
* Support MAC address and port binding, support IP address and port binding.
* Supports defense against MAC/IP spoofing attacks.
* Support ONU/ONT SN (Serial Number)/Password authentication.
* Support triple churing encryption.
* GPON downstream adopts a method of encrypted broadcast transmission for different users, and supports AES (Advanced Encryption
Standard) 128-bit encryption.
* Support GPON Type B OLT dual-homing.
* For dual-uplink networking, Smart Link and Monitor Link are supported.
Model Number
FTTx Solutions
Place of Origin
Original and Brand New
ma5800 series
Optical Module
10g Xg-pon Combo Sfp
Interface Type
59.3X41.3X24 cm
16 Ports


ONU modem

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