Digital fiber optical fusion splicer SKYCOM Core alignment full featured auto splicing 3-IN-ONE fiber clamp high accuracy fiber


Demolition of three-in-one universal fixture (pigtail, bare fiber, leather line).


Product Description
– A-81S optical fiber welding machine.
– Chinese and English bilingual switch, manual in English.
– Demolition of three-in-one universal fixture (pigtail, bare fiber, leather line).
– Core alignment, 7-9 seconds welding, 9-26 seconds heating (heating time can be set, the heating temperature can be adjusted).
Applicable Fiber
SM, MM, NZ-DS, EDF ,Pigtail
Fiber cleaved length
10~16mm(Coating diameter, 250µm) 16mm(Coating diameter,250 ~ 1000µm)
Protection Sleeve Length
20mm, 40mm, 60mm
Fiber aligning method
Core or clad aligning
Storage of splice result
4000 results,20 parameter per result
Electrode life
More than 3000
Display screen
5.1 TFT inch color LCD monitor
Fiber alignment
 Precise alignment/cladding alignment / fiber core alignment
Splicing time
Heating time
26S (configurable heating time and adjustable heating temperature)
Applicable Fibers
SM (G.652&G.657), MM (G.651), DS (G.653), NZDS(G.655)and self-defined optical fiber types
Splice Loss
0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM) 0.04dB(DS/NZDS)
Return loss
 Better than 60DB
Tension Test
Standard 2N
300 for X or Y view
5 inch TFT color display
Heat shrink bush
60mm/40mm and series of miniature bush
Splicing loss storage
 5000 latest splicing results are stored in the built-in storage