FTTH plastic clamp for flat fiber optical drop cable wire clamp


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A drop wire clamp is commonly used to hold telephone drop wire in place at drive hooks, span clamps, and other drop attachments. A wire clamp is made up of three parts: a shim, a shell, and a wedge with a bail wire. The fiber wire clamps come in two varieties: 1 pair to 2 pair wire clamps and 6 pair wire clamps. The plastic wire clamps have a number of advantages, including durability, cost effectiveness, and corrosion resistance. Because of its strong anti-corrosion performance, this product is highly recommended. In addition, we can make stainless iron drop wire clamps in addition to stainless steel wire clamps. The plastic wire clamps are available in a range of lengths and materials. All of them can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.



-Stainless steel material wall pole mounted

-easy assembling Pole brackets

-hooks available Abrasion-resistant

-wear-resisting, perfect tensile performance

-Operation temperatures ranging from –60 °C up to +60 °C



 Model FACH-BW-10-E
Name FTTH Accessories Plastic Fiber Optic Cable Drop Wire Tension Clamp with UV Resistance
Housing & Wedge Nylon UV Resistance
 Color Black
Load retention capability 100kg
Thickness of drop wire 2 to 8 mm
Application Indoor and Outdoor installation

Effective and time saving for cabling.


1) Used for securing many kinds of cables, such as fiber optic cables.
2) Used to relieve strain on messenger wire.
3) Used to support telephone drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks and various drop attachments.
4) 1 pair – 2 pair wire clamps are designed to support both ends of an aerial service drop using one or two pairs drop wires.
5) 6 pairs wire clamps are designed to support both ends of an aerial service drop using six pairs fiber reinforced drop wires.

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