Huawei MA5680T | OLT | GPON C+, 1x X2CS, 1x GICF, 1x GPBD, 2x SCUN, 2x PRTE

MA5680T Provides super large convergence switching capacity. Specifically, an MA5600T series device supports 3.2 Tbit/s backplane capacity, 1,920 Gbit/s switching capacity, and 512,000 MAC addresses.

Provides super high-density cascading capability. Specifcally, an MA5600T series device supports a maximum of 46 x 10GE or 768 GE services, with no additional convergence switches.



The Huawei MA5680T terminal is the first global all-in-one access platform that can provide DSL and optical integrated access. It can provide access to ADSL2+, VDSL2, POTS, ISDN, PON and P2P Ethernet fiber, triple-play service and TDM/ATM/Ethernet leased lines for business customers.

Additional information

Switching capacity (backplane bus)

3.2 Tb/s

Packet transfer speed L2

726 Mp/s in Active / Standby mode
1452 Mp/s in load sharing mode

Control board switching capacity

480 Gb/s in Active / Standby mode
960 Gb/s in Load sharing mode

BER at full load

< 10 e-7


~ 45 years

Management ports

Out of band RJ45

Power supply


Permissible operating temperature

From -25 to 65 degrees C

Permissible air humidity

5%-95% RH


442 x 275,8 x 441,7 mm
(with rack ears)

Weight (of the housing itself)

30.54 kg