Good quality fmale to male attenuator LC UPC APC fiber optic attenuator


Connector/Connection Polish: LC/UPC Male to LC/UPC Female.

Attenuator db: 5dB.Low Insert-loss & High Return-loss: Optical fibers are connected by adapters through internal open sleeves. Provide LC adapters to ensure the connection between fiber patch cable.



Additional information

Connector Type


Operating Wavelength

1310,1550 nm

Attenuation Value

1dB~10dB (±1dB), 15, 20, 25dB

Optical In-put Power

≥300 mW

Polarization Loss

≤0.20 dB

Return Loss (dB)

P Grade(Return Loss≥50dB) , A Grade(Return Loss≥40dB)

Operating Temp (℃)


Storage Temp (℃)