Rectifier module Telcom Power Supply System ZXD3000 V5.5 telecom power Rectifier

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ZXD3000 rectifier is a switching rectifier for communication, which is used to complete the output conversion from AC to DC.
ZXD3000 rectifier. The rated output voltage is 53.5 V and the rated output power is 3000W. ZXD3000 is usually used in the communication power supply system as the power core part of the communication power supply system.Determine the input and output indexes of the whole communication power supply system. ZXD3000 rectifier can be widely used in various exchange facilities.Equipment, mobile base stations and other communication equipment in the power supply system.
Features of ZXD3000
• Output power is constant, and the maximum power can reach 3000 W.
• With high efficiency power conversion, the peak efficiency exceeds 96%.
• Advanced DSP digital control and CAN bus are adopted to make the system control flexible and easy to debug and upgrade.
• High power density, which can reach 29.9 W/IN³
• Support hot plug function, making operation and maintenance easier and faster.
• Intelligent air cooling control technology can automatically adjust the rotating speed of the fan according to the ambient
temperature and the real-time working state of the product.
• In sleep mode, sleep power < 4 w.
• The input voltage range is wide, and the adaptive range is 75 V ~ 295 V.
• Wide working temperature, with an adaptive range of-40℃ ~ 75℃.
• Under the condition of full load of input and rated output, the power factor PF≥0.998.
• When the input voltage is 200 V ~ 240 V and the output power is 50% ~ 100% of the maximum output power, the total harmonic loss
occurs True THD≤5%.


Input voltage
200 V ~ 240 V
Maximum input current
Input frequency
Input power factor
Maximum output power
Rated output voltage
Working temperature
-40 ℃ ~ +75 ℃
Storage temperature
-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Relative humidity
Barometric pressure
70 kPa ~ 106 kPa
41.5 mm×132 mm×300 mm(H×W×D)
2 kg




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