ZTE OLT ZXA10 C600 OLT Optical Equipment 5G support ZTE xGPON with XFTO XFTH SFUL

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ZTE ZXA10 C600 OLTis a large-capacity OLT device based on TITAN platform for network reconfiguration, which can meet the needs of ultra-high bandwidth access, large video, fixed-mobile convergence, network reconfiguration, carrier-grade QoS and security assurance.



ZTE ZXA10 C600 GPON OLT Appearance characteristics   ZTE ZXA10 C600 GPON OLT includes ETSI 21-inch width and IEC 19-inch width. The 21-inch ZXA10 C600 GPON OLT subrack has a height of 20S (11U), and the 19-inch ZXA10 C600 GPON OLT subrack has a height of 11U and supports both depths. 300mm deep cabinet installation, can be placed in ZTE’s general 300mm deep cabinet, each cabinet can be configured with up to 2 ZXA10 C600 GPON OLT. ETSI 21 inch frame The ZTE ZXA10 C600 GPON OLT 21-inch chassis provides 22 slots. Among them, slots 20 and 22 are power board slots, slots 10 and 11 are switch control board slots, slot 21 is a common interface board slot, and the remaining 17 slots are service board slots , Can support GPON/XG-PON/XGS-PON/Combo PON/EPON/10G-EPON/Ethernet line card, etc.
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